Success Stories






In April, Natalie (now Fiona) went to live in Anaheim with her new family in a doggy filled community.





Mia (now Sadie) went to her new home in March. She’s related to Floyd now! She has a pooch sibling at home too.







In February, Lorenzo went to live in Los Angeles with his new best friend, his dad.




In January, Javier found his Mama and new sis all the way in Nevada! And from what I hear, he’s living the charmed life!



Coco our first placement for 2015. She now lives in Orange County with a nice yard, some kids and another Coco to keep her company.



Kevin (now Oscar) was our last adoption in December 2014. He lives in South Orange County with a bunch of children as a spoiled only pooch.



Ian was reunited with his family in November 2014…who is actually called Charlie.



Hannah (now Felina) was successfully placed in San Diego County with Eli (now Levi) and a kitty friend AND a HUGE yard complete with swimming lessons!



Gary lives right here in good ol’ Santa Ana with a family who was really fighting for him! Their were so many in the running, but they got him and he’s thrilled about it. He has a bunch of kids to snuggle and fetch with and a fur baby to play chase with.



Floyd moved down south to San Diego with a family willing to devote every moment to his continued social rehabilitation and trust issues.



Eli (now Levi) lives in San Diego County with a fantastic couple and a sweet young lady who shaped him into the cat-loving gentle boy he is today.



Carl & Darryl were reunited with their owners…but they were really called Buzz & Buster.



Bob (now Brewster) shares a home with a feathered friend and his favorite woman in the whole wide world in LA County!



Allen lives in Orange County with friend of the family, so we get to see him all the time 🙂



Jessica (now DD) lives with another terrier boy in Orange County.



Marina (now Pepper) took quite the journey across the street to move in with our neighbors. She now has a mama who adores her and a chihuahua brother to go for walks with.



Rebecca (now Maile) is loving life nearby in OC with a super fun family and a kitty buddy to keep her busy.


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